Updated November 30, 2021

The planning documents and external resources listed below may be used as reference materials for university youth programs and camps operating during COVID-19.

For the most current COVID-19 information, including OSU resumption planning guidance, visit https://covid.oregonstate.edu.


What's New?

11/23/21 - Updates to OHA Summer and Youth Programs Reopening Public Health Recommendations and Requirements

10/15/21 - Guidance for Vaccine or Testing Requirement for OSU Events (Box link) and Event Consultation or Approval Request (Qualtrics form)

10/07/21 - Updates to ELD Child Care Provider COVID-19 Requirements and Recommendations

9/29/21 - Revisions to OSU COVID Safety and Success Policy 

9/15/21 - Updates to Youth Program Resumption Plan Checklist and  Communicable Disease Plan Template