OSU units sponsoring programs and activities involving minors (under age 18) must register with the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance prior to the start of the activity. Registration will include basic details (who/what/when/where), as well as certification that the sponsoring unit is in compliance with applicable OSU policies and standards.

For a detailed walk-through of the Youth Program Registry, check out the Video Tutorial or view the Registration Form Preview.

The registration process can be broken down into the following steps:


Registering a Youth Program/Activity

Process Notes / Timeline

Step One

Department Approval

Secure approval and background check authorization through the appropriate Dean, Director, Department Head or designee prior to starting the registration process.

One-time approval, following department/unit protocol

Step Two

Activity Details

Use the Youth Program Registry system to submit program information, including activity details, as well as basic contact information.

Annual submission for ongoing programs


30+ days in advance for one-time events

Step Three

Personnel List

Provide a complete list of Youth Program Personnel who will be involved in the activity, including OSU Primary Contact and all Staff/Volunteers with direct access to minors.

At least two* authorized adults who are cleared to supervise minors must be listed at the time of registration

*Additional staff or volunteers may be added as roster changes occur

Step Four


Review information for accuracy and completeness, and certify your compliance with required policies and procedures.

30+ days prior to activity start date

Step Five


Once information has been submitted, the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance will review program details and notify you on the status of your registration, including any recommended modifications or clarification requests.

Expect a response within 2 weeks of submission