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Oregon State University is committed to offering a physically, psychologically and emotionally safe environment for all youth. To support that mission, the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance is responsible for overseeing youth policies and guidelines and ensuring accurate accounting of the youth participating in OSU programs. Safety processes and compliance structures focus on protection of minors who are not enrolled in OSU classes, but who participate in OSU youth programs on and off campus. 


Oregon State University employees and volunteers who work with individuals younger than 18 must adhere to the Safety of Minors Policy and associated Youth Program & Activity Guidelines. This guide outlines policy requirements and best practices to help keep youth, faculty and staff safe. Resources are updated regularly, so check back often.

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All OSU programs and activities involving unaccompanied minors (under age 18) must be registered with the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance prior to their start date. Colleges and departments receiving support from OSU's Office of Precollege Programs are also expected to submit a post-event report.

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The Office of Youth Safety & Compliance offers training resources to those who work with youth at OSU. The following content outlines the expectations of adults working with minors, including guidelines for supervision of youth programs, reporting procedures for suspected child abuse and OSU policies on sexual misconduct and discrimination.

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